Chocolate Truffle Tart – YOUR WAY

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by Abby Dodge on May 4, 2011

A bunch of us were chatting on twitter about how much fun it would be if we could all bake together one day. While it would be amazing to do that with us all in the same kitchen, it would take a miracle or time-travel or something like that.. See, we all live practically a world apart. OK.. so how can we do this..**scratching heads**. What if I picked one recipe for us all to make and we virtually share our results with each other via blog posts, facebook and twitter?  Just seeing these creations is going to drive us all crazy.. and no scratch n’ sniff either.. but we’ll have fun seeing our friends creations, reading about their thoughts and process, and, of course, test driving their version of this recipe.

With me so far? OK.. next step: which recipe? After allowing this idea to ferment for a week or so, I decided to pick a recipe I first published in Fine Cooking a few years back. The recipe has three elements: press -in crust, filling & topping; it’s neither too easy nor too complicated; it’s decadently chocolate and it is more sophisticated than even the most glam hats seen at the Royal Wedding. (I’ve always thought this tart would make a pretty bonnet…) Check out the pic on Oh.. and did I mention it’s killer a good, healthy way, of course.

Here’s the twist: Instead of everyone making the exact same recipe, I propose we all start with this same basic recipe (delicious as is, I promise) and then everyone can “switch-it up” in anyway they want. You know me.. I’m just crazy about bakers adding their own person tastes and touches to my recipes. I’m a big believer in the collaborative effort – makes everything better, even chocolate.

Want an example? I’ll tip my hand and say that I’m thinking of “switching in” some sweet curry powder in the filing and adding some toasted coconut somewhere.. As you can tell, I’m still working on Hedy Goldsmith’s cookbook and she’s rubbed off on me just a wee bit.. I might even say that I “Hedy-isd” my own recipe 😉

Sound like fun? Well, come on into the kitchen with us and share your spin on this Chocolate Truffle Tart.. There’s no deadline.. I’ll be posting my version later this month.

Oh,  and a BIG ps: This is a NO Winners – NO Losers Event – Just good fun! That means you’ll have to channe that competitive spirit into your creative process and make this tart a super star. (sidebar: there are no rules about posts…. we all love some *snark* and some *giggles*, right?)

After seeing everyone’s recipes, I know I’ll end everyday sweetly. Can’t wait to see your pix & posts!

EDIT to say: How about we all try and post by the end of May. No pressure.. I’ll do a round up of the #baketogether posts in early June!