R’ock-tober #baketogether ~ Classic Spiced Sour Cream Coffee Cake YOUR way

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by Abby Dodge on October 5, 2011

September was a rocky month for me – one filled with too many downs and not enough ups. So, I’m looking towards October for a fresh start and I’m in the mood for some old fashioned, comfort food. For me, that means I dust off my recipe box from yester-year (yes, I really still have a box filled with my teenage, handwritten recipes), pull out my most memorable recipes, fire up the oven, grease a cake pan or two and start my baking engines. Are you ready to #baketogether ? I could use the company so I sure hope you are fired up.

I selected Classic Sour Cream Coffeecake for this months’ #baketogether because it is, well,  a classic – one that should be in every recipe box even if yours in stashed on your computer. The flavors are traditional: cinnamon, nutmeg (I like mine freshly grated), butter, brown sugar and sour cream. The method is straight-forward and the batter can even be made with a hand-held mixer (just like my Mom used). It’s these qualities that make it such a great #baketogether recipe. This base recipe is perfect as is YET there’s literally hundreds of ways for everyone to switch things up. It’s the perfect vanilla canvas that’s just waiting for some twisting and shaking.

Want a few suggestions? Mull these over and see what strikes your fancy:

Change the shape. Make  muffins or loaves or even double the recipe and bake in a tube pan.

Change the flavor. Take the “spice “out. Add pears or apples or dried fruit. Try ginger (you know how I love ginger in all forms) or almond.

Change the Streusel. Add chocolate or nuts or oatmeal or ???

Change the sour cream. Buttermilk or yogurt would be delish.

Or.. change ’em all! It’s completely up to you. Remember, #baketogether is all about sharing your take on this recipe with us – just as if we were all together in one (big) kitchen swapping ideas, inspirations and forkfuls. All you need to do is bake and post your version (pix please too), link back to my post, leave a comment on this post with your link and then share with your friends, readers, tweeters and followers.

I can’t wait to see how everyone spins this classic – I’m thinking we’ll see some serious innovation this month. As always, I’ll post a round up in the beginning of November – I wouldn’t want anyone to miss even one of these variations.

Wish you and yours a very “ROCK”-tober!


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My Kitchen Wisdom:

  • Streusel is made w/ dark brown sugar to offer more contrast w/ the cake BUT, if you don’t mind a more subtle-looking swirl in the cake, it can easily be made with light brown sugar.
  • If you weigh your dry ingredients, I love you. If you don’t, I love you anyway… but I hope you will spoon and level your flour NOT scoop and level. If you do the latter,  you’ll add too much flour to the batter and your cake will be dense and you will be sad.
  • The cake tastes best when baked a day or two before serving but can also be served warm from the oven.