Multigrain Blueberry Orange Muffins ~ #BakeTogether Guest Post

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by Abby Dodge on May 17, 2012

This month’s #baketogether guest post comes from the lovely Barbara or, as those of us on Twitter know her, @blreiss . She’s a regular #baketogether participant, a true baking kind-a gal  and she really has fun with the recipes. For many month’s now, I’ve been posting a pic and description of her versions on the original Baketogether posts just above the blog links so that everyone can share in her baking fun. Sadly, even though I’ve begged and pleaded, I don’t think we will get this #baketogether gal to host her own blog (for now..) but I sure am happy to have her post her inspiring version of cornmeal muffins. Here’s my original recipe.

Here is Barbara’s Multigrain Blueberry Orange Muffin recipe…. She’s definitely in #TeamSweet ! I know you’ll like her as much as I do. And if you aren’t following her on twitter yet.. do so now @blreiss And check out this lovely lady’s background.. Whooa.. this is some serious smarts going on here!


Variations on #baketogether cornmeal buttermilk muffins
by Barbara Reiss Newman (aka @blreiss)

When I submitted my version of these muffins to Abby this month, she asked me to write this month’s guest post.  What an honor!  She suggested that I might want to start a blog, but you know, I have started blogs–several in fact–and months go by when I forget to write anything.  It’s a discipline, like anything else.  I’d really just rather bake.

I’m not what anyone would call a trained cook.  In fact, I was well into adulthood before I figured out that a cake baked from scratch was way better than one from a mix.  When I got interested in baking–really baking–I started with Maida Heatter’s wonderful cookbooks, and never looked back. I’m still trying to figure out bread and pie crust.  On my days off, I bake something and bring it to work the next day for my co-workers.

As for muffins, we’re definitely in the sweet camp.  I actually make muffins a lot because my husband likes to bring them to work for breakfast (and I finally got him off grocery store muffins, which I think are disgusting).  So I decided to modify Abby’s basic recipe to make them more of a multi-grain muffin. I used white whole wheat flour, brown sugar, and added a tablespoon each of wheat germ and oat bran.  I increased the buttermilk to 2/3 of a cup because I knew I’d need more hydration with all those grains.  In addition, I added the zest of an orange, 1/2 teaspoon of orange extract, and about 1/3 cup of blueberries (because I happened to have them in the refrigerator).  And I used melted butter instead of canola oil. (I’m not a fan of canola oil–sorry, Abby!)  We ended up with 8 delicious muffins that also froze really well–I put a frozen one in the car when I went to yoga class, and it was perfect with a cup of tea when class was over.

My husband has devoured the rest, so I’ll be baking more next week.  (I think with raspberries next time.  Don’t you think  raspberry muffins would be great?)   Also, I make a blueberry pie with a cornmeal crust that has lime and mint in the filling.

Hmmm….corn muffins with blueberries, lime and mint…the possibilities are endless!