Whole Wheat Honey English Muffins #Baketogether

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by Abby Dodge on November 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! The winner, chosen by Random.org, of the “BakeTogether Gift Basket via Red Star Yeast is…… Carol Sacks!!!!!

This Baketogether is late. I know and I’m sorry. A  hurricane and a snowstorm put me more than a bit behind schedule for this and, oh, about a hundred other things on my to-do list. Enough with my excuses. Let’s get our BakeTogether on!

This month’s recipe is Whole Wheat – Honey English Muffins. Yes. It is a re-post and not just because it’s perfect for Holiday breakfasts and brunches. Truth told, I’m dying to see the many, many ways you guys can change up these babies. Because of the delay, this BakeTogether is extended to December 15, 2012 AND because I had such fun with the September BakeTogether giveaway, I thought we should do it AGAIN. Why not, right?  And what’s better and ever so appropriate to give away than one of the VIP Platinum Packages from my friends at Red Star Yeast. Three cheers for Red Star!

**NOTICE: December’s BakeTogether will be posted on time and run concurrently with this one.**

Before we get to the recipe, let’s talk a minute or two about what these muffins are.. and what they are not. In the magazine and cookbook business, we  call this “managing reader expectation.”  There is nothing worse than getting a reader email that starts with “…I was expecting something much different….”. In cookbooks and mags, this managing usually happens in the headnote but here in my blog world, I don’t include a proper headnote..

  • This is a soft and slightly sticky dough but not a pourable, crumpet-like one.
  • While it will take a bit longer to knead than a traditional bread dough, shaping is very similar to making rolls. The rounds should be about the size of a blood orange and have a taut outer surface and a firm, pinched seam on the bottom.
  • I use my Calphalon non-stick griddle to ‘bake’ these muffins but you can use a regular skillet as well. You might, however, need to add a touch more butter to the skillet and reduce the heat some so they don’t stick or burn. If you do make changes, be sure to jot them down so you’ll remember the next time out.
  • The finished texture of the muffins is coarse and a bit chewy but don’t look for those big nooks & crannies – they won’t be there. A cautionary reminder: Resist the urge to split these muffins in half with a knife as it takes away the numb-y texture. Use a table fork and go the old-fashioned way. Yeah, it will take an extra 30 seconds or so but you’ll thank me for the reminder.
  • The recipe makes 6 muffins that will stay fresh and delicious at room temperature for 3 days or so (my batch sustained me through 5 days of hurricaine-related power loss) but they also freeze beautifully.

Here are a few ideas for switching things up but feel free to streeeetch your limits. We are, after all, baking together so show us what you’ve got.

Feeling nutty? I thought so..

Change the shape: I see loaves, boules, and possibly even rolls in this dough’s future.

Change the flavor: Ginger? Dried Fruit? Multi-grain? Oatmeal? Molasses? To these, I’ll simply say “yes, please”!

Make It Mini: Shameless, I know, to plug the new book,(have you seen the book trailer up there on the right column?)  BUT in my defense, I really do mean that these giants can be made mini or, at the least, smaller.

Deets on the Platinum Giveaway from my friends at Red Star Yeast:

One winner will receive: A VIP package that includes yeast samples,  coupons of Platinum yeast, a beautiful cutting board, and chic, black half apron. You want this package – trust me.

To Enter: You have until  midnight EST December 15, 2012 to enter. Open to US and Canada residents only (sorry!). You need to do ONE thing: linkup to your baketogether recipe to this post via the linky thingy. If you don’t have a blog, you can still be entered by emailing me a pic and short desccription of your muffins – I’ll add them to the post. I’ll let Random.org chose a winner on December 16, 2012. I’ll announce the winner officially via email and, of course, I’ll mention on Twiiter. You’ll have 24 hours to contact me (Abby@abbydodge.com or via Twitter DM) & tell me your mailing address and my friends at Red Star Yeast will mail it out to you where ever you live! If I don’t hear from you, sadly, I’ll move onto the next person. Disclaimer: Prize is provided and shipped by Red Star Yeast.