The Rules

Baketogether is a laid back virtual community of folks who share a common love of baking, an interest in stretching our creativity, a desire to push our culinary limits, and, at the end of the day, offering up a tale or two while sharing a good recipe.  My hope is that through #baketogether, bakers of all levels of ability will gather together monthly around one of my recipes to explore, create, improvise, share and learn in the process.
Whether you come to the recipe with little baking experience, in search of a killer recipe or if you are an experienced baker looking for a challenge or a change of pace, please join in and spread the #baketogether love.

Here’s how it works:

  • At the beginning of each month, I’ll post one of my recipes. I’ll explain a little about it & include some how-to photos if I think they are helpful.
  • Use my recipe as your starting point and twist and turn it anyway you’d like.
  • Post your version & pix on your personal blog (not professional, this includes re-posting on community or other websites) by the end of the month. In your post, link back to my original recipe/site. You can also link the recipe and/or directions and simply list your changes in your post. The link love is much appreciated.
  • Invite your readers to join our #baketogether . There’s always room in this virtual kitchen – the more the merrier!
  • Leave me a comment on my original post & don’t forget to use the linky thingy at the bottom of the post to add your entry to the round up so everyone can see what you’ve made.
  • Spread the word about your post via Twitter,  Facebook page (yours and mine) using the tagline #baketogether and we will all join in to share your wonderfulness with our readers, friends and followers.
  • And, as always, if you have questions or need advice, please reach out to me – I’m here to help.

A Very Vanilla Pot de Creme #BakeTogether & Giveaway

Thumbnail image for A Very Vanilla Pot de Creme #BakeTogether & Giveaway February 1, 2013

This Valentine’s day, I’m telling chocolate to move over. Now, please don’t get me wrong I love chocolate. It might even be my middle name but I think we’ve all done the chocolate dessert thing and it’s about time this sexy holiday meets its match with this McDreamy flavor – Vanilla – in this McCreamy […]

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Spicy Ginger Slice ‘n Bakes ~ Holiday #BakeTogether

Thumbnail image for Spicy Ginger Slice ‘n Bakes ~ Holiday #BakeTogether December 10, 2012

A few weeks back, I guest hosted on Martha Stewart Radio “Cooking Today” and, boy o’ boy, did I have fun.  Here’s a shot of my “deck”.. There isn’t much better than spending 3 hours with your food-loving pals gabbing about, well, food. Gail Dosik (onetoughcookieNYC.com), Susie Middleton (sixburnersue.com), Marcy Goldman (betterbaking.com), Martha Holmberg (Modern […]

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Whole Wheat Honey English Muffins #Baketogether

Thumbnail image for Whole Wheat Honey English Muffins #Baketogether November 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! The winner, chosen by Random.org, of the “BakeTogether Gift Basket via Red Star Yeast is…… Carol Sacks!!!!! This Baketogether is late. I know and I’m sorry. A  hurricane and a snowstorm put me more than a bit behind schedule for this and, oh, about a hundred other things on my to-do list. Enough […]

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Caramelized Pear Skillet Souffle #BakeTogether

Thumbnail image for Caramelized Pear Skillet Souffle #BakeTogether October 3, 2012

Coming off the party-high from last month’s Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets Baketogether Party, I thought we could all use a small, elegant recipe that can truly swing #TeamSweet or #TeamSavory.  This recipe highlights a few classic techniques that we should all dust-off or learn a bit more about. This skillet souffle is a lovely, […]

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Brown Butter Apple Hand Tarts + #BaketogetherParty

Thumbnail image for Brown Butter Apple Hand Tarts + #BaketogetherParty September 6, 2012

My friends, this isn’t just any ole Baketogether. No.. this month we are having a BakeTogether Party! Here’s your invite to this month’s Baketogether Party that will be filled with good company, great food, games and a PRIZE: What’s the Occasion: The launch of my new book: Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets ~100 Delicious Desserts […]

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Ricotta Panna Cotta with Raspberry “Brezza Fresca” #Baketogether

Thumbnail image for Ricotta Panna Cotta with Raspberry “Brezza Fresca” #Baketogether August 1, 2012

We’ve had a few brutal heat waves this summer and, during the last one, I made a bold decision that will affect you all. I decided that August’s #baketogether would be no bake. Yes. That’s what I said. A no-bake #baketogether.  But just because we aren’t turning on our ovens doesn’t mean we won’t be […]

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Nothing Shy About These Shortcakes ~ #Baketogether

Thumbnail image for Nothing Shy About These Shortcakes ~ #Baketogether July 3, 2012

Those of you who know me know that I am not shy – not in life, not with people and certainly not in my desserts. I love desserts with big, bold flavors – vanilla, coffee, chocolate, mint, berry, citrus or what have you – I want that primary flavor to be a stand-out, you know, […]

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Very Berry Mini Pies ~ BakeTogether

Thumbnail image for Very Berry Mini Pies ~ BakeTogether June 1, 2012

Welcome to the second year of #Baketogether! I’m not one of those folks that gets into all the those “stats”and such. Truth told.. my brain is to small to  really understand it all anyway so if you are looking forward to reading about which post was the most popular, exactly how many folks participated and […]

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Multigrain Blueberry Orange Muffins ~ #BakeTogether Guest Post

Thumbnail image for Multigrain Blueberry Orange Muffins ~ #BakeTogether Guest Post May 17, 2012

This month’s #baketogether guest post comes from the lovely Barbara or, as those of us on Twitter know her, @blreiss . She’s a regular #baketogether participant, a true baking kind-a gal  and she really has fun with the recipes. For many month’s now, I’ve been posting a pic and description of her versions on the […]

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Carrot Angel Food Cake ~ #BakeTogether Guest Post

Thumbnail image for Carrot Angel Food Cake ~ #BakeTogether Guest Post May 7, 2012

There are a few members of the #baketogether family that are blog-less. But, as we know, us #baketogether folks are an inclusive bunch so for those folks that haven’t succumbed to my blog – nagging (yet), I add a small pix and a brief description of their entry to my post so they can join […]

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