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#Irene Cookie #baketogether ~A Round UP


Thanks again to Barb from Creative Culinary for saving my #baketogether butt by “guest posting” for me as I battled Hurricane Irene. As you heard, #Irene got the better of my electricity for 6 days and, I’ll admit, she also got the better of my sanity for those last couple of days. We are all up and running now and I’m delighted to present a round-up filled with so many fabulous #Irene cookies … thank goodness we don’t need to choose just one. Heck, I’m making them all!

Don’t forget about October’s #baketogether recipe. I think this coffee cake hits the spot but I can’t wait to see how you change it up!

And a final shot of mine… I’m thinking it’s the perfect cookie for Holiday 2011.. mass production here I come.

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Brownies chocolate Cookies Desserts

Cakey or Fudgy Brownies

Cakey or Fudgy — Which one are you? I just got a wonderful email from Jill who confessed to being a somewhat distracted “Weekend Baker”. It’s OK Jill.. it happens to the best of us — even me.. but…