#Irene Cookie #baketogether ~A Round UP

Thumbnail image for #Irene Cookie #baketogether ~A Round UP October 3, 2011

Thanks again to Barb from Creative Culinary for saving my #baketogether butt by “guest posting” for me as I battled Hurricane Irene. As you heard, #Irene got the better of my electricity for 6 days and, I’ll admit, she also got the better of my sanity for those last couple of days. We are all […]

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Sunday Afternoons & Nutella Brownies

Thumbnail image for Sunday Afternoons & Nutella Brownies March 7, 2011

Growing up, Sunday afternoons were reserved for baking and cooking at my Mom’s side. During the week, Mom would scour the woman’s magazines and tear out recipes for me to test drive on Sunday afternoons while she prepared the evening’s meal for me and my big brothers + girlfriends du jour and company. Mom and […]

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Cakey or Fudgy Brownies

Cakey or Fudgy Brownies January 1, 2011

Cakey or Fudgy — Which one are you? I just got a wonderful email from Jill who confessed to being a somewhat distracted “Weekend Baker”. It’s OK Jill.. it happens to the best of us — even me.. but that’s another story! Anyway…Jill was making the Prescription-Strength Brownies from TWB (page 58) and added 4 […]

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