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#BakeTogether Chocolate Truffle Tart – My Way


I finally got around to making my new version of the Chocolate Truffle Tart.. ’bout time.. but I clearly stated in the original post that there were no hard-fast rules to follow only a suggestion that everyone post their versions in May so it looks like I’m ok.

So.. here’s what I did..

First off,  I definitely did some experimenting here – some of which paid off and others, well, not so much. I was going for an exotic flavor angle so I used coconut milk instead of the half and half. In other coconut recipes, I like  reducing  the milk down to really concentrate and intensify the flavor. I did that here too but, you know what, with all that bittersweet chocolate in the filling, I couldn’t taste even a hint of coconut milk. I even tried adding some extract – nothing. Not a single drop of coconut flavor came through. Bottom line: if you want to swap out coconut milk for the half & half for whatever reason, go ahead but don’t expect it to add a layer of flavor.

Next, I folded in 3/4 cup lightly salted, coarsely chopped peanuts to the chocolate before scrapping this lusciousness into the baked crumb crust. This worked and worked hard. If you are a cashew person, they would be great too as would toasted macadamias just make sure they have a little salt on ’em so they balance with the sweet filling.

Topping? Now here’s where I got that hit of coconut that I was craving. Instead of using the vanilla extract, I added 1 teaspoon of coconut extract and then topped this baby with a sprinkle of toasted coconut.. oh yeah..

Check out the original post and print the recipe

How about a slice?DSC03273

Look for a #baketogether round up in June!

Here’s hoping you end every day sweetly,