Double Banana Chocolate Bread

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by Abby Dodge on March 24, 2015

Oh, hello. I come bearing cake and news.

It’s been a while. Ok. It’s been a long while. The past two years have been impossibly busy while I worked on a major project (more about that in subsequent posts). I did my best to keep in touch via instagram, facebook and twitter (see links above and please follow along) posting pix and updates on my baking days but recipe posts here simply didn’t happen. I could list off all my excuses and “if onlys” but I prefer to look forward. My hope is that you’ll forgive my absence and once again join me here.  I’ll share my recipes – some sweet and some savory – along with updates on the site changes – yes, there are exciting ones to come – life and book progress – you can expect full updates on both of those topics as well. Holler if you have questions, concerns or just want to chat. I’m always here to help, work through baking issues, suggest and/or brainstorm changes and variations. While there are many wonderful recipe-sharing sites nowadays, let me know if you’d like me to post a link to your version of one of my recipes like I did for BakeTogether posts. My hope is that you’ll join me in making everyday a great day for baking.

Now, about that cake I mentioned. I’ll admit that technically it’s a quick bread (wet and dry ingredients mixed separately and gently combined) but it’s so darn delicious that I often serve it as cake for dessert. Topped with the optional chocolate glaze, the cake is divine when paired with homemade vanilla bean ice cream (I confess that sometimes I sub in Talenti brand) along with an extra drizzle of chocolate glaze. That said, slices of this moist, deeply flavored cake are just as happy sitting next to your morning cup of joe (or, in my case, tea) or tucked into the kiddling’s lunch boxes. I’ll let you decide what to call it and when and how to serve it.

This easy-to-make quick cake/bread is the ideal destination for two of my favorite ingredients: overripe, sweet bananas and chocolate. Made in a loaf shape and without the glaze, I like to toast slices for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I’ve given the option of glazing the loaf with a rich chocolate ganache. Doing so raises this breakfast fave into the dessert category. I serve slices with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice cream (I confess that sometimes, I sub in Talenti brand– it’s delicious) along with an extra drizzle of chocolate ganache.

Here are a few how-to’s to help you on your way. They also prove beyond a doubt that this is one heck of a quick-to-make cake/bread.

Say hello to our dry ingredients. Use a whisk and a stirring / folding motion to blend the ingredients completely.

Here’s our wet ingredients. If your very ripe banana isn’t already mashed, put it in the bowl before adding the other ingredients and smash with a fork. Add the other wet ingredients and stir until well blended.

Scrape the wet ingredients into the dry stuff and, using a silicone spatula, gently fold until the dry ingredients are just moistened. This one needs a few more folds. Overmixing will make the baked bread dense and tough.

Scrape the batter into the prepared loaf pan. It will be quite full but, worry not, it won’t overflow while baking.

And.. we’re baked..




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