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June 2011

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#Baketogether Round Up ~Truffle Tart takes a journey

I don’t know about you, but I had a ton o fun baking with all you guys.. we really need to do this more often. If I’m counting correctly (and often I’m not~ pls don’t hesitate to shout at me), this past month  a dozen 14 15! of us ( I just add FC_Evan and Nancy just posted her Tart along with a pic !) squeezed into the kitchen together and came up with some really fun twists on my Truffle Tart recipe. As we stroll down Truffle Tart lane together, keep in mind that these are listed in no particular order.. if I was a smarter person, I’d do these alphabetically, but… I’m not.. forgive me.

I’ll start with me but only because I posted a pic of mine #baketogether so the post would have a whipped cream- chocolate face for the world.. recipe here and here’s the original recipe just in case you missed it.

Some folks did a variety of versions. Love that. Check out Mardi’s TWO tarts on Not only did she do a Toberlone filling with a honey mascarpone drizzle AND a ginger cookie crust with a white chocolate filling with a lemon Mascarpone cream  she went mini.. Love that too.

Everyone knows how crazy I am for Nutella.. and I am.. but I’m even crazier about what Yuri  from Chefpandita did with her version: Oreo crust with, wait for it… a nutella mouse topping and I just love those crisp choco pearls on top. I must get some of those asap.

Another friend who went with minis was Jamie from She used a sweet pistachio dough for the crust, scented the filling with Amaretto and topped ’em with the whipped cream, fresh fruit and pistachios. Love.

Jennifer from Breadandputter went way out on a limb and we are so grateful she did! First of all, she could only find a 11 1/2-inch tart pan so she was already well on her way to “switching it up”. Then she pulled out a jar of peanut butter and, yes, she added a creamy, sweet layer of PB on top of a graham crust and under teh chocolate layer. Sounds like a Reese’s on steriods.. which equals heaven in every bite, right?

The nut theme continues with Barb at Barb went all kinds of nutty here – hazelnut that is. Using nuts in the crust and frangelico in the filling and the topping, she also used a combo of white chocolate and bittersweet for the filling. Lastly, Barb swapped in a pie plate for the tart pan.

Following the path of “great minds think alike”.. Jaynerly also went with a hazelnut theme. Using oat biscuits and hazelnuts for the crust (in a pie plate too), the filling was doused with frangelico, topped with whipped cream and garnished with caramelized hazelnuts… like I said.. “nutty”!

Another hazelnut lover was Gail from onetoughcookienyc . Gail added hazelnuts and cinnamon to the crust and Frangelico to the filling.. and as she readily admits she “has a heavy hand”.. Love that.. and once again.. “nutty”

Deborah at Knitstamatic feeds right into my flavor wheelhouse by using not two but THREE different types of ginger- ground and ginger snpas in the crust and granished with crystallized .. and, get this, she serve is it with sour cherry compote..holy cow.

Over at Porkcracklins, Sheri went with another spice: cinnamon giving it a hint of mexican chocolate – love that – and topped this betty with a white chocolate- mascarpone whipped cream and loads of chocolate shards.. gorg. ps.. I notice that Sheri says the tart serves 12 to 16.. she’s right, this is super rich.

Continuing the cinnamon- chocolate  joruney, Ethan at tastebetterwithfriends add cinnamon to the crust and, wait for it, Goldschlager to the filling.. cinnamon and booze is my kinda stuff. Ethan used an 8-inch springform so the tart has a nice thickness to it and topped with whipped ricotta-cream cheese-heavy cream and fresh blackberries, well.. what’s not to love here.

Janice over at KitchenHealsSoul took a square look at this tart. No.. I’m not saying she’s “square”, I’m saying that she made her tart in a square tart pan – quite chic. She also used her own homemade Grahams and topped the tart with an Earl Grey whipped mascarpone.. Gorg. Janice isn’t sure if “Earl” stood up to the chocolate.. I think everyone should judge for themselves..

And alone those citrus tones, Evan (aka @FC_Evan on twitter) was one of the first to post on She used a chocolate cookie crust (love the Teddy Graham shot, btw), an espresso laced filling and…. a lemon curd -whipped mascarpone topping with candied lemon zest.. holy cow.

Rachael at LaFujiMama switched things up with a chocolate-almond crust but the big addition to this tart was a black sesame brittle. The texture contrast is enough to make me swoon….

Nancy Gardiner made a pretzel crust (which I’m consiering for the new #baketogether) She sweetened some of the topping with local (for her and me) Red Barn Honey (did I tell you that my daughter’s working there this summer?) and then.. read for this.. folded some PB into the remainder and garnished with it.. HELLO!

And my old FC friend and chocolate expert, JNerissa posted her Smores’ Truffle Tart. She used a graham crust , the filling and then topped it with Fluff and ran it under the broiler..goeey sticky wonderfulness

ok.. I think I got everyone. Enjoy perusing all the variations from these talented, clever folks and make sure you follow everyone on Twitter. Feel free to join us for the June #BakeTogether  Strawberry Sorbet ~ YOUR WAY we are a friendly bunch and we love having company in the kitchen.

Hoping you end everyday sweetly!


ps.. I promise I’ll get better at the #roundups.. and if you have suggestions plesae feel free to email me at I’m always open to suggestions!

edited to say.. will be checking FB for other versions posted there..stay tuned