Summer Fruit Cake ~YOUR WAY #baketogether

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by Abby Dodge on July 14, 2011

#baketogether decision time.. This was an easy one.  Let’s make a single layer cake that highlights summer’s best fruit. This recipe is about as straight-forward as a cake can get – no fancy ingredients (unless YOU want ’em),  a simple preparation and the presentation is as casual or fancy as you want to make it. One note on the image above, after shooting and eating this cake, I decided to increase the amount of berries. the recipe below reflects that increase even though the pic doesn’t.

We #baketogether folks are super casual, right? Well, being that it’s summer and we are all busy chillin’, workin’ or travelin’, let’s go uber cool and get ourselves into the kitchen between now and the end of August to bake up this little honey of a cake. Cool with that? Good. Of course, I don’t want you to think you can’t post right now.. please post when ready. Just remember to mention #baketogether in your post  & link back to the original recipe and use the hashtag on your tweets so we can follow the conversation and, hopefully, make new #baketogether friends. There’s always plenty of room in our kitchen. Lastly, post a link to your creation in the comments below so that I can keep close tabs for the #round up.

OK.. so we have a recipe (see below).. now it’s time for everyone to switch it up. Will you:

– add a chopped herb?

– switch-in a different flavoring?

– change the dairy? (can anyone say coconut milk?)

– change the fruit?

– make it chocolate?

– make it cupcakes?

– frost it?

– serve it with a sauce?

– make a topping?

How about all of the above?

I’ll tip my hand and tell you that I’m thinking of using even more berries than the amended amount with a touch of cornmeal, ginger instead of orange and add a streusel topping.. oh and I might also switch up the sugars.. we’ll see what happens.

Can’t wait to make and taste everyone’s Summer Fruit Cake ~ YOUR WAY!