Around the World

  • 2008 GMA Top 10 Cookbook
  • Parent’s Choice Award 2008
  • Cordon d’Or Culinary Award 2008!

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How do you make a croque monsieur into a croque madame?

Where in the world would you eat soup for breakfast?

What kinds of food would you eat at a smorgasbord?

Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this easy-to-use international cookbook for kids and their parents. You’ll go on a culinary journey all over the world, and learn how to make recipes from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, and lots of other places around the globe. By the end of your travels, you will have put the world on your plate!!

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Happy travels!

Colorful spreads will highlight foods that are common across the globe. You’ll also learn fun facts and info about the many countries that you’ll “visit” on your journey.
You’ll learn about ingredients, how to work with sharp tools and equipment as well as how to follow a recipe — everything you need to keep you safe and keep you cooking!
And…you have over 50 recipes and tips all with gorgeous photographs, like this one, that you will love to make.