Brown Butter Apple Hand Tarts + #BaketogetherParty

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by Abby Dodge on September 6, 2012

My friends, this isn’t just any ole Baketogether. No.. this month we are having a BakeTogether Party! Here’s your invite to this month’s Baketogether Party that will be filled with good company, great food, games and a PRIZE:

What’s the Occasion: The launch of my new book: Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets ~100 Delicious Desserts to Pick Up and Eat!  For more info on the book check it out here on my Web Ad (trailer & videos coming soon)

Who’s invited: Everyone! This is #baketogether, after all, and we keep good company.

Will there be food & games? Of course there will be. What’s a party without food & games? See the recipe below & let me know if you have any questions. Post your version and link it up below via the Linky thing + leave a comment with your Twitter handle and we will all virtually potluck together. If you are new here, check out The Rules.

What about prizes? We all know that Baketogether isn’t a competition, but.. This month, two lucky posters will be selected by to win one, personalized copy of Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets each! I love prizes.

To Enter: Like with all Baketogethers you have until the end of the month, September 30, 2012 to enter. You need to do TWO things: leave a comment with your Twitter handle on this post AND  linkup to your baketogether recipe to this post via the linky thingy. I’ll let chose a winner on October 1, 2012. I’ll announce the winners officially via email and, of course, I’ll mention on Twiiter. You’ll have 24 hours to contact me ( or via Twitter DM) & tell me your mailing address & how you want your book inscribed and my publisher, The Taunton Press, will mail it out to you where ever you live! If I don’t hear from you, sadly, I’ll move onto the next person. Disclaimer: The two copies of Mini Treats & Handheld Sweets are being donated & mailed by The Taunton Press and personalized by me.

Even in party mode, we begin with a recipe. It’s one I think you guys will have a lot of fun messing around with. A little background.. Last fall my friends Ken and Jackie hosted a #PieParty right when I was developing the recipes for this new book. I was working on two recipes at the time so I mashed-up  (#baketogethered) two recipes from the new book – the brown butter cookie crust from the Peach-Rosemary Mini Hand Tarts (page 55) and the filling from Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Phyllo Triangles (page 77). Lots of folks asked for the recipe and I promised that this would be the first recipe I published. Thanks everyone for being patient… and my publisher thanks you too.

Here are a few ideas for switching things up but feel free to streeeetch your limits. We are, after all, baking together so show us what you’ve got.

Add a flavor to the crust:  I’ve added  nibs, herbs, spices and even citrus. Can you say five-spice powder? Bring it.

Change the shape: These guys are mini but you can make ’em round, or triangles or star-shaped or even make one whole tart or slab. We like ‘em all.

Change the filling: I used sauteed apples but you can fill with any number of cooked fruits or jams as well as adding other seasonings to your filling. Consider citrus, ginger and lemongrass or herbs, hot peppers, spices, or pink peppercorns. Heck.. you can even spike the filling with your fave liqueur or spirit. To this, I’ll simply say “yes, please”!

Add a drizzle or a glaze: Caramel? Chocolate? Vanilla bean? Sprinkle or nuts? Yes. Yes you can.

Before you dive in, how about a few tips and pix for success?

Take your time browning the butter. It’s not a race and good browning is important to the crust’s flavor that the butter solids are a nice, nutty brown..

You can see how supple, almost fluid, the dough is and check out the color. Deep, rich and gorgeous with thousands of tiny brown butter specs.

I cut around the core using a sharp knife with two swipes in each side and then cutting into cubes. Saves me a step and makes for easy work.

These babies are just about caramelized to perfection.. just a few more minutes.

Yes.. I’m that much of a baking nerd but, seriously, using a ruler and a sharp knife makes easy and accurate work of these hand tarts

These little pillows of goodness are glazed and sprinkled and headed into the oven.

and here they are again: